Industry News | 5-3-2021

Sinate Herbicide Provides Corn Growers with Next Generation in Resistance Management

Corn growers now have a next-generation herbicide to combat problematic weeds in LibertyLink corn. New for the 2021 growing season, Sinate is a post-emergence corn herbicide that controls herbicide-resistant and important driver weeds in LibertyLink corn. Its powerful one-two punch of Impact Herbicide and glufosinate delivers control of weeds like waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and ragweed. Sinate is designed for acres where weed problems can be more intense, requiring multiple modes of action for significant management.
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Big Oil Makes Big Bet on Soybeans as the Answer for Cleaner Energy

In a venture to produce cleaner energy, big oil is turning to soybean oil. In April, Phillips 66 announced it is securing feedstock for the company's growing portfolio of renewable fuels projects by investing in a new soybean-processing plant in Iowa. Phillips 66 isn’t alone — Love’s also made a similar announcement with Cargill. “There’s a huge difference between what we typically know is biodiesel versus renewable diesel,” says Peter Meyer of S&P Global Platts. “You have states on the West Coast, and other states throughout the heart of the country, looking at low carbon fuel sources. In other words, they are going to give better fuel credits for renewable biodiesel that is made with certain feedstocks.”
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Scientists Propose Improvements to Precision Crop Irrigation

With threats of water scarcity complicating the need to feed a growing global population, it is more important than ever to get crop irrigation right. Over-watering can deplete local water supplies and lead to polluted runoff, while under-watering can lead to sub-optimal crop performance. Yet few farmers use science-based tools to help them decide when and how much to water their crops. A new University of Illinois-led study identifies obstacles and solutions to improve performance and adoption of irrigation decision support tools at the field scale.
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Beef Should See Big Benefit from Return to Normal

Missouri is a prolific beef cattle-producing state, with over 2 million beef cows and usually abundant forage growth, and ag economists are cautiously projecting a good year for cattle producers in 2021. Missouri ranks third in the nation in number of beef cows, and in some recent years has ranked as high as second. According to the USDA, Missouri began 2021 with 2.04 million beef cows, trailing only Texas and Oklahoma. That number is down only slightly from 2020, which saw 2.08 million beef cows in Missouri.
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Combining Solar Panels and Lamb Grazing Increases Land Productivity, Study Finds

Land productivity could be greatly increased by combining sheep grazing and solar energy production on the same land, according to new research by Oregon State University scientists. This is believed to be the first study to investigate livestock production under agrivoltaic systems, where solar energy production is combined with agricultural production, such as planting agricultural crops or grazing animals. The researchers compared lamb growth and pasture production in pastures with solar panels and traditional open pastures. They found less overall but higher quality forage in the solar pastures and that lambs raised in each pasture type gained similar amounts of weight. The solar panels, of course, provide value in terms of energy production, which increases the overall productivity of the land.
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